Welcome to Shiny Buildings!

Welcome to Shiny Buildings!

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Shiny Buildings exists to help our users build the homes, vacation spots, and businesses of their dreams. We're here to help you make any building better.

Shiny Buildings is designed to help you start small and think big. Use Shiny Buildings to spot and track small problems and major issues, create goals, and then go out and make it happen! Along the way, you can record all of the changes, events, and memories you create. When someone comes along to help you with your building - like a contractor, an electrician, a designer, or broker - they'll have all the information they need at their fingertips.

Whether you've got a small home in the suburbs, an apartment in the city, an office or small business anywhere in the world, or even an ancient Scottish castle, we're here to help!

And while we love helping our customers, we love their buildings just as much. This blog will help us showcase some of our favorite buildings and the people who take care of them...

Look out for our first post in the next few days!

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